Jobs & Economy

Competition is Senator Markey's economic mantra, and his pro-competition policies have benefited job creation in Massachusetts and throughout the country. Senator Markey believes Congress must continue working toward enacting a more progressive tax code, make targeted cuts to defense spending and nuclear weapons, put an end to unnecessary oil subsidies, and the expand innovative programs in Medicare that improve the quality of health care for beneficiaries.  Senator Markey also believes we must make smart investments now that will create jobs and grow our economy. In the Senate, Ed is working to create jobs in ways that emphasize areas in which Massachusetts excels: education; investment in high-tech, medical, and clean energy industries; and strong support for the teachers, first responders and union workers that form the backbone of our communities. As a member of the Senate Committee on Small Business and Entrepreneurship and Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, Senator Markey plays a key role in the oversight of American consumer-related and business issues.