• Jobs & Economy

    Jobs & Economy

    Creating jobs and growing are economy are Senator Markey's top priorities. He consistently fights for increased corporate responsibility, pushing for reforms ranging from safer banking practices, updated product safety standards and transparency in the marketplace. Senator Markey has also called for investing in small business to spur innovation, competition and job creation.

  • Energy, Climate Change & Environment

    Energy, Climate Change & Environment

    Senator Markey is a national leader on energy, the environment and climate change. He has authored legislation spur a clean energy revolution in America and find solutions that address the energy, economic and national security challenges associated with our dependence on foreign oil and increasing carbon pollution.

  • Health, Medical Research & Disabilities

    Health, Medical Research & Disabilities

    Senator Markey has fought to protect and strengthen Medicare and Medicaid benefits for the most vulnerable in society. He also has been a champion for health and medical research, consumer protection, and the fight against Alzheimer's disease.

  • Homeland Security & Public Safety

    Homeland Security & Public Safety

    Senator Markey has been a leading advocate for maritime, rail, nuclear and aviation security, as well as for enhancing the security of nuclear, chemical, and biological materials, and increased scrutiny of public health protocols.

  • Foreign Relations & Nonproliferation

    Foreign Relations & Nonproliferation

    Senator Markey believes the United States can and must play a leadership role on the great issues facing the planet - regional instability and poverty, climate change, and the threat of nuclear proliferation. He has worked to end the spread of nuclear weapons since the beginning of his career and has consistently called for budget cuts to our nation's wasteful and redundant nuclear defense programs. He has long fought for increased rights and benefits that our veterans have earned bravely serving our nation.

  • Telecommunications, the Internet & Privacy

    Telecommunications, the Internet & Privacy

    Senator Markey is a national leader on telecommunications, technology and privacy policy. He is the principal author of many of the laws now governing our nation's telephone, broadcasting, cable television, wireless, and broadband communications systems, and has been instrumental in breaking up anti-consumer, anti-innovative monopolies in electricity, telephone service, cable television, and international satellite services.

  • Education and Children's Issues

    Education and Children's Issues

    In today’s global and competitive economy, a sustained investment in our children’s education has never been more vital. Senator Markey has long advocated sought to strengthen and improve our educational programs to provide the best public education system possible for our children. He has endorsed plans that will teach our children in their vital early years, and will take them outside the classroom to supplement the lessons in their core curriculum.