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Senator Markey is committed to improving the quality of education at all levels and believes we should do all we can to insure every American has the opportunity to succeed in the global marketplace.

By rewarding projects and programs that elevate educational standards and performance, Senator Markey believes we can develop more successful teaching methods and produce better results. Senator Markey also has advocated for universal pre-K, increased online privacy protections for children, programs to fight childhood obesity and teen smoking, and fair access to affordable student loans so that every child can achieve the dream of a college education.


Senator Markey has been a proud supporter of the Head Start program because it levels the playing field and provides low-income children with the early educational opportunities they deserve in order to be successful and have a fair shot at the American dream. Senator Markey has long been an outspoken leader in the efforts to increase federal funding for the Head Start program.


Senator Markey has fought to provide education funding to Massachusetts schools because he knows it is the best investment we can make in our economic future.  He is a proponent of President Obama’s “Race to the Top” program, which incentivizes states to improve their education programs. Massachusetts is one of twelve states who have been successful in the Department of Education’s Race to the Top competition.   


Massachusetts colleges and universities provide some of the best educational programs in America, alongside countless research and development projects that keep our country on the cutting edge in our rapidly changing world.  Senator Markey has continuously opposed cuts to federal research grants that make projects at these institutions possible. He has also fought to ensure student loanrates are kept down, so that everyone can have the chance to get a top-rate education without the burden of endless debt. He has consistently fought to lower the interest rates on federal student loan rates to help today’s kids reach their goals of attaining a college degree.