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Openness is the Internet's heart and nondiscrimination is its soul, and infringements on either of these features undermines the spirit and intent of net neutrality. No one should have to ask permission to innovate, and we need to retain the ability of all Internet users to communicate and compete on a level playing field, preventing the presence of fast and slow lanes that are contrary to the essence of the Internet.
Senator Markey is committed to ensuring that the Internet remains free, open, and accessible. In 2006, he was the author of the Network Neutrality Act, the first-ever net neutrality bill in the House of Representatives, which would ensure that as the Internet continues to evolve, it remains a level playing field guided by the principles of openness and competition. Senator Markey also has consistently opposed any attempts to undercut openness and innovation on the Internet.  

Senator Markey led 46 Senate Democrats in introducing the Save the Internet Act which would reverse the Trump FCC’s decision to repeal net neutrality protections. The Save the Internet Act passed the House of Representatives in 2019 and Senator Markey has led the call for Senator McConnell to bring the legislation to the Senate floor for a vote.