GLOBE International to release most comprehensive int’l study of national climate laws, revealing global climate momentum ahead of 2015 climate treaty talks

WASHINGTON/ – More than 100 legislators from 50 countries will come together at the United States Senate to show growing momentum for climate change action in countries around the world ahead of the pivotal 2015 climate talks in Paris. 

In the high-level opening session of the summit, hosted by Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) in the historic Kennedy Caucus Room, senior officers of the United Nations, the World Bank, and the amassed legislators will receive the findings of the 4th edition of the GLOBE Climate Legislation Study, the world’s most comprehensive audit of climate legislation (covering 66 countries, together responsible for 88 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions). The study is expected to show that nearly all countries have passed, or are advancing, legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase their resilience to the impacts of climate change.

WHAT: Gathering of 100+ international legislators to launch push for climate legislation; Release of comprehensive report on international climate legislative action



Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.)

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.)

Todd Stern, United States Special Envoy for Climate Change

Other keynote speakers include:

Representing the United Nations Secretary General’s Office:

·         UN Assistant Secretary-General, Robert Orr

Representing the World Bank:

·         World Bank Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change, Rachel Kyte

Representing the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change:

·         UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Christiana Figueres

Representing the United Nations Environment Programme:

·         UNEP Executive Director, Achim Steiner

WHEN: Thursday February 27, 9 AM. Broadcast media should arrive at 8:30 AM.
WHERE: Kennedy Caucus Room, Russell Senate Building, Washington, DC