Markey Hails FCC Action on Net Neutrality, Declares Today Internet Freedom Day

Lawmaker is author of the first net neutrality bill introduced in the House of Representatives

Washington (February 26, 2015) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, released the following statement today after the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s Open Meeting.


On municipal broadband

“Tearing down barriers that prevent communities from developing local solutions when there is little or no choice of Internet service provider is one of the great challenges for competition and innovation in the broadband marketplace. Today’s action by the FCC will support the ability of municipalities to decide whether or not they would like to build their own broadband networks and provide community members with high speed Internet service.  I applaud the FCC for using its authority to support greater local choice and end restrictions placed upon local communities to make these decisions for themselves.”

On Open Internet Order


“Today is an historic day for consumers, innovators, entrepreneurs – anyone who counts on the Internet to connect to the world. Today begins the next chapter in the history of American innovation – it’s our country’s Declaration of Innovation. Today, we say our economy and the free expression of ideas depend on net neutrality.  Today, we say net neutrality is here to stay. 

“Reclassifying broadband under Title II is a major victory for consumers, for our democracy, and for our economy. By banning paid prioritization, blocking and throttling, the FCC is applying the principles of nondiscrimination to the broadband world. The free flow of ideas supported by the Internet is creating the jobs, launching the global revolutions and supporting the communications that we rely on every day.  I applaud the FCC and Chairman Wheeler for standing up for students in their dorm rooms, activists on the streets, and innovators in their garages. I applaud the FCC for standing up for the best ideas, not merely the best-funded ideas. Today, we celebrate the transformative power of the Internet now and for generations to come.”

In July 2013, Senator Markey and 12 Senate Democrats called on the FCC to protect the openness and freedom of the Internet by reclassifying broadband Internet access as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act. In December 2013, Senator Markey was joined by 38 Senate and House Democrats in calling on the FCC to protect an open and free Internet by immediately finalizing new net neutrality rules.