Extra Mile Award Recognizes Legislative Achievement in Advocacy for LIHEAP

WASHINGTON, D.C. –Representative Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), a longtime champion of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), today received an award from the National Fuel Funds Network (NFFN), a national organization representing local non-profit community action agencies, fuel providers, utilities and local government agencies.  The NFFN presented Rep. Markey with their 2010 Extra Mile Award at the annual LIHEAP Action Day for his continued advocacy for increased funding for LIHEAP and for his call for the expansion of LIHEAP to include more American families who may find themselves in need of home heating assistance.



“Even though it’s been hot in Washington this summer, the effects of the recession and rising energy prices are still having a chilling effect on the pockets of millions of American families,” Rep. Markey said upon receiving the award. “As we wait for the economy to heat back up, we need to make sure that millions of families are not left without the air conditioning they need to get through the summer or heating oil or natural gas they need to get through next winter.”

At the ceremony, Rep. Markey called for the release of the remaining $100 million in emergency LIHEAP funding, for fully funding the LIHEAP program at $5.1 billion for the coming fiscal year, and for increasing the authorization for LIHEAP given the record number of people who are now applying for aid. Rep. Markey, who chairs the House Energy and Environment Subcommittee, has introduced legislation, the Energy Assistance for American Families Act, H.R. 4554, that would increase the authorization for this vital program to $7.5 billion annually and expand those who can receive aid.

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