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It is such an honor for me to be able to nominate Massachusetts students to our Nation’s service academies: West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy. There are five things that you need to submit to my Boston office by October 31st of your Senior year.

Please mail everything in one package to this address:  

U.S. Senator Edward J. Markey
ATTN: Service Academy
JFK Federal Building
15 New Sudbury Street
Boston, MA 02203

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact my Boston Office at 617-565-8519. 

  1. Personal data form
  2. Your high school transcript
  3. Your SAT scores (codes 3510) and/or ACT scores (codes 7142)** Due to COVID-19, we understand that many students will not have an opportunity to take the SAT or ACT before our application deadline of October 31, 2021. Your application will not be considered incomplete if you do not submit test scores. However, if you do take the SAT or ACT test before the end of the year, we ask that you send us a copy of your scores.
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. Personal statement (250 words or less)
  6. Resume (optional)


For more information about each service academy, please visit their websites:

US Air Force Academy

Director of Admissions
Colorado Springs, CO 80840

US Military Academy

Admissions Office,
West Point, NY 10996

US Naval Academy

Director of Candidate Guidance
Annapolis, MD 21408

US Merchant Marine Academy

Admissions Office
Kings Point, NY 11024

US Coast Guard Academy

The United States Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination. If you are interested in attending the Coast Guard Academy, you can contact the Academy directly at:

USCG Admissions Office
New London, CT 06320