Sept. 27, 2011: Statement On Possible Macondo Oil Well Leak

Markey Calls For Rovers To Be Redeployed, Video Feed To Be Provided To Public

WASHINGTON (September 27, 2011) -- Following reports by the U.S. Coast Guard that oil may be leaking from the Macondo well that was the source of last year’s BP oil spill or from the wreckage from the Deepwater Horizon, Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), the Ranking Democrat on the House Natural Resources Committee and the leading voice for Congressional oversight during the BP Deepwater Horizon spill, released the following statement:

If these reports are true, this is a nightmare for the people of the Gulf, who are still recovering from BP’s first spill. We need to know where this oil is coming from, and we need to know fast.  All available technology should be deployed to determine the source of this oil.

“All the facts are not yet known, but this incident obviously raises questions about the safety of this site, whether the rig is leaking, and whether or not the oil industry has, in fact, permanently secured this site.

“I also think that Transocean should send the submersible rovers back in to inspect the site and that they should provide the press and the public with a live video feed so that we can see what is going on down there.

“This latest news also underscores the need to have the CEOs of all companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster testify before Congress on the accident.  Next Thursday, the Natural Resources Committee has already scheduled a hearing to hear from investigators of the Joint Investigative Team Report.  We also need to be hearing from the CEOs of BP, Transocean, Halliburton and Cameron at that hearing.”