Senator is Author of "Independence at Home" Program in Affordable Care Act


WASHINGTON (September 17, 2013) - Senator Edward J. Markey (DMass.) today praised the Department of Labor's decision to give home care health workers wage and work protections under the Fair Labor Standards Act. Senator Markey was the author of the "Independence at Home" program in the Affordable Care Act that encourages home care to cut costs and enable patients to heal at home.


Below is the statement of Senator Markey:


"Home care workers are on the frontlines of health care, dealing with some of the most complex cases, while giving dignity and improved quality of life to those they serve. I applaud the administration for issuing these new federal wage protection rules that will help provide some parity and workforce protections for these individuals.


"I have long been an advocate for maximizing the care and cost savings derived by home health care. That is why I authored a provision included in the Affordable Care Act called Independence at Home. That program will demonstrate the effectiveness of home care in lowering costs while improving patient outcomes and will transform the broken and fragmented way our sickest and most vulnerable seniors receive care today."


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