Dec 30, 2010: Markey Statement on New Massachusetts Emissions Limits

MEDFORD, MA (December 30, 2010) – Following the announcement by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration that it will be setting new, ambitious targets for cutting dangerous heat-trapping pollution in the state, Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), co-author of the only federal standards to cut emissions that have passed either chamber of Congress, released the following statement:

“This proposal shows that Massachusetts continues to lead, not cede, the effort to cut emissions and grow an American-built clean energy economy.

“After a year when wild weather raised concerns about our changing climate, and China and other countries took new steps to gain the upper hand in the clean energy race, this proposal is needed more than ever.

“I will continue the fight in Congress to pass strong clean energy and climate legislation that will allow the innovative spirit of Massachusetts to push the rest of our country towards a cleaner, more prosperous future.”