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  1. May 15 2024 Markey Bicameral Colleagues Urge Biden Administration to Halt Deportations to Haiti Amid Humanitarian Crisis Lawmakers express alarm over resumption of deportation flights to Haiti that U S had ... Read More
  2. May 01 2024 Sen Markey Seeks Answers on Nuclear Cooperation with Saudi Arabia Calls for Congressional Oversight of Any 123 Negotiations Letter Text PDF Washington May 1 2024 Senato... Read More
  3. March 18 2024 Amid Escalating Violence in Haiti Markey Pressley Haiti Caucus Lead Colleagues in Urging Biden Administration to Extend TPS and Halt Deportations Approximately 731 000 Haitian born people liv... Read More
  4. 13 2024 Markey Foster Merkley Introduce Bicameral Resolution to Bolster Nuclear Arms Control Regimes Resolution Text PDF Washington March 13... Read More
  5. February 01 2024 Markey Cassidy Introduce Bipartisan Resolution Seeking Information on Azerbaijan s Human Rights Violations Resolution Text PDF Washington February 1 2024 Senators Edward J M... Read More
  6. October 24 2023 Markey Joins Blumenthal Wasserman Schultz in Reintroduction of Youth E cigarette Tobacco Prevention Legislation Millions of young people are using harmful e cigarettes other flavored toba... Read More
  7. July 21 2023 Oppenheimer Author Kai Bird Endorses Senator Markey s Legislation to Curtail Existential Threat of AI Washington July 21 2023 Senator Edward J Markey D Mass co chair of the Nuclear Weapons... Read More
  8. July 18 2023 Markey Joins Durbin Menendez Schumer Gillibrand in Letter to DHS State Urging Re Designation of Venezuela Nicaragua for Temporary Protected Status Washington July 18 2023 Senator Edwar... Read More
  9. May 19 2023 As G7 Meets in Hiroshima Sen Markey Rep Blumenauer Introduce Legislation to Roll Back U S Nuclear Weapons Programs Bill Text PDF Washington May 19 2023 As world leaders convene... Read More