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Senator Markey was heartened by President Obama’s decision to end the war in Iraq and deliver on his pledge that all U.S. combat troops will be removed from the country. Senator Markey had opposed any funding for the war that did not include concrete benchmarks for withdrawal.

Similarly, Senator Markey believes the conflict in Afghanistan has cost far too much in lives and dollars. We honor the sacrifice and service of all of the men and women who serve in Afghanistan. They fight bravely and under difficult circumstances, but the cost of this war has been too high. Now it is time to bring home the brave warriors serving in Afghanistan.

Our nation must honor the debt we owe our veterans and their families that they earned through their noble service to our nation.  Senator Markey understands that we must ensure that all of veterans gain access to the benefits and services like health care, education and additional services for those who have been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.