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"This GM recall is a decade late and dozens of lives and injuries short. We need NHTSA’s Early Warning Reporting system to actually provide early warnings, instead of just a rear view mirror look into what has already gone terribly wrong. I call upon automakers and the Transportation Department to support the legislation I introduced with Senator Blumenthal that would ensure more reporting and transparency about incidents involving fatalities so that these types of tragedies never happen again" - Senator Markey

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Takata Exploding Airbags 

"Reports that Takata concealed and destroyed test results revealing fatal air bag defects, along with other evidence that the company was aware of these deadly problems, clearly require a criminal investigation by the Department of Justice. If the reports are true, the company must be held accountable for the horrific deaths and injuries that its wrongdoing caused. These allegations are credible and shocking -- plainly warranting a prompt and aggressive criminal probe."Senators Markey & Blumenthal 

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