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September 2021
Senators Markey, Van Hollen, and Rep. Meng: $1.2 Billion in Emergency Connectivity Funds on Its Way to Connect 3.6 Million Students to the Internet
Senator Markey Asks Biden Administration for Answers on Elimination of Key Nuclear Policy Position as Part of Department Reorganization
Senator Markey Applauds Biden Administration’s Finalization of Major Climate Rule, Limiting Polluting Chemicals Found in Refrigerants
Senator Markey Statement on Nomination of Massachusetts State Rep. Maria Robinson to Office of Electricity at the Department of Energy
11 Senators Back House Progressives in Demand for Passage of Entire Biden Agenda
Dozens of Republican, Democrat, and Nonpartisan Law Enforcement Officials, Community Advocates, Service Providers, and Members of the Legal Community Support DA Rachael Rollins’ Nomination for US Attorney
Senator Markey Statement in Support of Boston Newspaper Guild
Senators Markey, Padilla, Warren, Rep. Cori Bush, Introduce the Keeping Renters Safe Act of 2021
Markey Joins Blumenthal, Colleagues Call For Historic FTC Rulemaking On Consumer Privacy, Civil Rights & Cyber Security Safeguards
Senator Markey Joins Senator Smith in Urging President Biden to Ramp Up Global Vaccine Production for Low- and Middle- Income Countries
On Constitution Day, Markey Joins Shaheen In Announcing She’ll Lead Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
Markey, Keating Announce DOD Assurances to Clean Up PFAS Contamination at Joint Base Cape Cod
Senator Markey and Congressman Grijalva Lead Colleagues in Letter Condemning DOE’s Uranium Reserve Proposal, Instead Urging Cleanup of Existing Toxic Waste
Sen. Markey, Reps. Castor and Trahan Call for Facebook to Abandon Plans for Instagram for Kids After Blistering Internal Report Revealed Company Knew About Negative Mental Health Impacts on Youth
Statement from Markey and Warren on the Confirmation of Judge Angel Kelley to U.S. District Court for Massachusetts
Markey Leads Colleagues in Requesting Reallocation of Defense Funding to Assist Afghans
Senator Markey Commemorates 20th Anniversary of September 11th Attacks
Markey Statement on VA OIG Reports on Veteran’s Death and Quality of Care at Bedford VA Facility
Ahead of 20th Anniversary of 9/11 Attacks, Senators Markey and Blumenthal Announce Legislation to Bolster Funding for Aviation Security
Markey Condemns Supreme Court Abortion Ruling, Calls for Supreme Court Expansion and Abolishing Filibuster