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November 2005

November 3, 2005- Protections for Consumer Personal Information Slashed in House Subcommittee
Markey Disappointed Hanscom Won't Gain Jobs; Still Overall BRAC Victory for District
July 1, 2005- Rep. Markey, 52 Members of Congress Call for Corporation for Public Broadcasting Chair to Resign
May 12, 2005- Rep. Markey on BRAC- MA is Ready to Fight Either Way
June 23, 2005- Rep. Markey Declares Victory for Public Broadcasting
February 16, 2005- Panel Approves Anti-Spyware Bill
April 13, 2005- Nearly 500,000 Americans ‘Unaware’ their Tax Files, Financial Info Sent Overseas for Processing
March 24, 2005- Markey Investigates Identity Theft Loopholes at Nuke Reactors
October 31, 2005- Senator Kerry, Congressman Markey Fight to Protect Patients' Privacy
March 24, 2005- Markey Investigates Identity Theft Loopholes at Nuke Reactors
June 17, 2005- “Mastercard Security Breach: Priceless"
June 30, 2005- Lawmaker’s Amendment Passes Following Announcement of $20 million IRS-ChoicePoint Contract
June 22, 2005- Rise in ID Theft Could Have ‘Grave National Security Consequences’
June 28, 2005- IRS ChoicePoint Contract is ‘No Choice’ for Taxpayers
March 3, 2005- Introduction of Information Protection and Security Act
April 12, 2005- LexisNexis Personal Data Theft Scandal Ten Times Bigger than Announced
September 21, 2005- Rep. Markey Critizes New Compassionless Conservative Report on Funding the Katrina Recovery Relief
September 2, 2005- Five Days After Hurricane Katrina Strikes, Americans Are Still Without Supplies
March 7, 2005- Consumers' Union Endorses H.R. 1080
March 4, 2005- Recent Developments in ChoicePoint ID Theft Scandal