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March 2020

Senator Markey Calls on Justice Department to Immediately Close Immigration Courts
With Unprecedented Disruptions From Coronavirus, Senators Introduce Bill to Ensure Americans are Still Able to Vote
Whitehouse, Markey, Senate Democrats Request Requirements for Airlines and Cruise Lines to Address Pollution in Financial Assistance Package
After Repeated Calls by Senator Markey, Trump Invokes Defense Production Act to Address Coronavirus Medical Equipment Emergency
Sens. Markey, Coons introduce $17B bill to relieve small business loan payments for 6 months
We Must Protect Our Seniors Income and Retirement During Coronavirus Pandemic, Says Markey
Markey, Blumenthal, Whitehouse, and Baldwin Demand Strong Consumer & Labor Protections in Any Emergency Financial Aid to Airline & Cruise Industries
Senator Markey Calls on DHS to Halt Deportations, Release Immigrants from Detention
Warren, Markey, Colleagues Demand Answers from Trump Administration on Shortage of COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing Kits
As Trump Tells States to Fend for Themselves on Acquiring Life-Saving Respirators and Ventilators, Senator Markey to Introduce Resolution to Urge Trump to Use Wartime Manufacturing Mobilization Authority for Medical Equipment, Coronavirus Testing Kits
Senator Markey: Any Coronavirus-Related Airline Bailout Package Must Include Protections for Consumers, Labor, Small Business, Environment
Senator Markey Applauds Use of Circuit Breakers During Coronavirus Market Volatility
Senator Markey Demands White House Provide Transparent, Accurate Daily Updates on Coronavirus Testing Plan
Senators Markey, Bennet, Schatz, and Colleagues Push to Ensure All Students Can Remotely Continue Education During Coronavirus Emergency
Senator Markey Urges Trump Admin. to Address Long Lines, Dysfunction at Airports Due to Enhanced Health Screening for Coronavirus
Senator Markey Calls on Trump to Use Defense Production Act for Massive Wartime Manufacturing Mobilization for Coronavirus Tests, Medical Equipment
Mass. Delegation Demands Trump Administration Halt SNAP Eligibility Changes in Light of COVID-19
Merkley, Markey, Senators Introduce Legislation to Bar Trump Administration from Using Pandemic as Excuse to Give Handouts to Fossil Fuel Industry
Senators Markey, Merkley, and Sanders to Trump: No Bailout for Oil Executives
Senators Warren and Markey Raise Concerns about the Justice Department's Handling of COVID-19 Prevention Efforts in Immigration Courts