Washington (February 13, 2019) – Last week, Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY-14) introduced a Green New Deal resolution and support continues to grow for the effort that would create millions of good, high-wage jobs in the United States, provide unprecedented levels of prosperity and economic security for Americans, and counteract systemic injustices – all while addressing the existential challenge of climate change. 


Groups that endorse and support the resolution include: Sierra Club, 32BJ SEIU, 1199 SEIU, Sunrise Movement, Justice Democrats, People’s Action, Center for Popular Democracy, Dream Corps, Green for All, 350.org, CREDO Action, Demos, Presente.org, League of Conservation Voters, Earthjustice, NextGen America, American Sustainable Business Council, Bold Alliance, Organic Consumers Association, Honor the Earth, Working Families Party, the Hip Hop Caucus, Chispa, and Seeding Sovereignty.


Groups that have broadly welcomed the effort and the ongoing discussion around climate action include: Union of Concerned Scientists, Natural Resources Defense Council, CERES, Center for American Progress, Third Way, Clean Air Task Force, and the American Institute of Architects.


A copy of the Green New Deal resolution can be found HERE.


Statements from endorsing organizations


“These Green New Deal resolutions offer a bold plan to tackle the climate crisis and inequality -- two of the defining crises of our time -- at the speed and scale that science and justice demand. A Green New Deal presents the opportunity to help transition from an economy of low wages and toxic pollution to one driven by dignified work and 100 percent clean energy. The Sierra Club applauds Senator Markey and Representative Ocasio-Cortez for outlining a Green New Deal vision that would create millions of high-paying jobs, counteract systemic injustices, ensure access to clean air and water, and support community-led efforts to prevent climate disasters. Building a more inclusive economy requires an inclusive process. We look forward to continuing to work with a broad array of partners, members of Congress, and frontline communities to forge shared Green New Deal proposals and fuel the growing momentum for this transformative vision.” — Michael Brune, Executive DirectorSierra Club


“LCV applauds Senator Markey and Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez for their climate leadership, and we support the Green New Deal resolution. We are thrilled to see so many members of Congress following through on the climate action that voters clearly said they wanted from their leaders on Election Day, including 100% clean, renewable energy, major investments in climate-smart infrastructure and efficiency, good-paying jobs, and a just transition for workers and communities hardest hit by pollution. The climate crisis is a problem of epic proportions that requires a level of ambition just as big. This is an all hands-on-deck moment, and now is the time to challenge ourselves as never before.” — Gene Karpinski, President, League of Conservation Voters


“This resolution is a massive step forward on the path to making the Green New Deal a reality. For too long, we’ve seen legislative action fail to live up to the scale and scope of the climate crisis. Representative Ocasio-Cortez, Senator Markey, and the grassroots leaders whose shoulders they stand on are working to change that. We need bold policies that address climate change as an issue that is deeply rooted in health, prosperity, and justice for communities everywhere. The Green New Deal is a critical opportunity to stand up to fossil fuel billionaires while kickstarting a just transition to renewable energy and creating millions of family-sustaining jobs. With the window for action to prevent catastrophic climate change quickly closing, it’s time for elected officials at all levels to support this visionary effort to secure a sustainable future.”

— May Boeve, 350.org, Executive Director


“In 2018, young people put the Green New Deal on the national agenda. The historic support for this resolution, especially among 2020 contenders, shows how far the movement has shifted the political conversation. The Green New Deal is now a litmus test for progressive leadership in 2019. Any politician who wants to be taken seriously on climate and earn the support of young people needs to support Ocasio-Cortez and Markey’s resolution.” — Varshini Prakash, co-founder and Executive Director, Sunrise


“Climate change is a national emergency, and we’re running out of time to prevent catastrophic consequences. We need urgent action on the scale of the Green New Deal to get to zero-emissions and 100 percent clean energy -- fast. Earthjustice supports this resolution and applauds Sen. Markey, Rep. Ocasio-Cortez, and others who are demonstrating the leadership we need to create a just and healthy planet for everyone. The Green New Deal lays out a bold vision that matches the scope of our climate crisis, and recognizes that climate solutions must be driven by and benefit frontline communities. Transforming our economy will take a national mobilization the likes of which we haven’t seen since World War II. We also must ensure that everyone benefits from a clean energy economy, including workers and the communities most burdened by pollution. Economic and racial justice must go hand-in-hand with a healthy environment. We look forward to working with climate leaders in Congress and our climate justice partners to build on the Green New Deal and move towards a zero-emissions and 100 percent clean energy future. The stakes are too high to wait any longer, and the cost of inaction is beyond measure. It’s time to fight climate change like our lives depend on it.” — Abigail Dillen, President, Earthjustice


“For labor unions like ours, climate change is an environmental issue, an economic opportunity and a political challenge that we know can destabilize our communities. This is an opportunity to tackle economic inequality, re-industrialize America with a green economy, with jobs that, with the right training, can provide career ladders for many low-wage workers who struggle to afford the high cost of living. For the first time, our elected officials recognize that our climate and economic crises are both intertwined and can only be solved with bold and effective government action. We reside in coastal cities that have been flooded by storms like Hurricanes Sandy and Maria, so we know this kind ambitious, large scale vision to reduce greenhouse gasses, switch to renewable energies is both doable and indispensable.” — Hector FigueroPresident, 32BJ SEIU


“As healthcare workers and responsible citizens, we understand the importance of being good stewards of our natural resources. We also understand the necessity of ensuring that working men and women have the tools and training necessary to succeed in a changing, global economy. Our communities are becoming all too familiar with the devastating effects of hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, and other extreme weather patterns and events that claim innocent lives, and cause physical damage to buildings, roadways, and other important pieces of our infrastructure. We applaud Congressmember Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey for taking a stand to protect our planet from irreparable damage, while fighting to create good, family-sustaining jobs that will help protect working people and our communities for future generations.” — Maria Castañeda, Secretary-Treasurer, 1199SEIU


“The Green New Deal resolution marks the beginning of a crucial dialogue on climate legislation in the U.S. Mother Nature has awakened so many Americans to the urgent threat of the climate crisis, and this proposal responds to the growing concern and demand for action. The goals are ambitious and comprehensive – now the work begins to decide the best ways to achieve them, with specific policy solutions tied to timelines. It is critical that this process unfolds in close dialogue with the frontline communities that bear the disproportionate impacts today, as this resolution acknowledges. Policymakers and Presidential candidates would be wise to embrace a Green New Deal and commit to the hard work of seeing it through.” — Former Vice President Al Gore 


“Chispa applauds the leadership of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey to address climate change with today’s introduction of the Green New Deal. Communities of color are among the strongest supporters of climate action and environmental protection. Latinos, communities of color and low-income families feel the direct impacts of extreme weather, worsened air pollution, and deadlier hurricanes such as Maria and Harvey that devastate our homes, communities, and livelihoods. We hope the Green New Deal continues to draw strong support among Congress and can provide much needed protection for communities who are the first and worst impacted by dirty power plants. It’s urgent to take action on climate change and to develop a clean energy economy that is equitable, sustainable and prosperous for everyone.” — Fernando Cazares, National Director, Chispa


“Communities of color, who are the most impacted by climate pollution, and low-income families, who spend the highest percentage of their incomes on energy and transportation, have the most to gain from a Green New Deal. That's why Green For All is proud to support Representative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey in introducing a new resolution for Congress to act now and develop a Green New Deal that uplifts all Americans.” — Michelle Romero, National Director, Green For All


“Our network is proud to endorse the Green New Deal because we know that now is the time to be bold and unapologetic in our demand for solutions to rampant economic insecurity and the climate crisis. The Green New Deal helps build climate resilience in communities of color who have been most impacted by climate change, and ensures that Black and Latinx people will have direct access to good, family-supporting jobs in the new green economy.” — Jennifer Epps-Addison, President and Co-Executive Director, Center for Popular Democracy Network      


“Rarely has an idea like the Green New Deal exploded into political consciousness so rapidly and I am excited to see this new resolution moving forward. Our country no longer has the luxury of time to debate the best strategies to reduce energy prices and economically help people, or what the right ecology for our planet might be. We need immediate action and bold leadership. I am grateful thatRepresentative Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Markey are taking this important step. It is time we deliver fully on the promise of a green economy that provides increased work, wealth, and health for cash-strapped, economically fearful families.” — Vien Truong, President, Dream Corps


“Famed labor leader and trade unionist Eugene Debs once said, ‘The earth is for all the people. That is the demand.’ We couldn’t agree more. Clean air, fresh water, and safe housing are fundamental human rights, which are under constant threat from the unrelenting climate crisis. Families across the country deserve to live in safe communities, free from climate devastation and harmful fossil fuel production; and we deserve a Congress who is not afraid to protect our climate and all the people. A strong Green New Deal would set us on a path toward the world we want and need.” — Matt Nelson, Executive Director,Presente.org 


“Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal represents an earthquake in the Democratic Party and American politics where a working class Latina bartender from the Bronx is now proposing and leading the most serious solution to rewrite America’s social contract and stave off climate disaster. Any Democrat running for President who wants to be taken seriously on climate and economic policy needs to back Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal resolution.” — Alex Rojas, Executive Director, Justice Democrats


“At a time when communities are already facing the real life impacts of climate change, when inequality is at record proportions, and America is falling further behind in the potential of an energy revolution - this is our chance to move the kind of legislation that could reshape the future of the United States. It also will ensure that these same communities are first in line to reap the benefits of the economic opportunities harnessed by a game-changing commitment to ending all extraction and dirty energy, and moving full throttle toward 100 percent renewables.” — George Goehl, Director, People’s Action


“Climate change poses an existential challenge to the planet, accelerated by a coalition of corporations, donors, and policymakers who have adopted a willful blindness toward these dangers to our communities and our planet. Combating climate change will require a radical transformation of our economy and our democracy, dramatically shifting our economic investments and empowering grassroots communities to have a stronger voice in our political system. The Green New Deal can accomplish this while meeting the needs of our most vulnerable communities - supporting health and resiliency, equitable renewable energy investment, inclusive job creation programs and community control over policy decisions. The Green New Deal not only addresses the urgent crisis of the moment, but also expresses a bold new progressive vision that is sweeping the country.” — K. Sabeel RahmanPresident, Demos


“A Green New Deal that helps this country rapidly transition to a renewable future is the only way we can hope to tackle climate change. All communities and workers must have a chance to join in building that future, especially those negatively impacted by, and historically disenfranchised in, today's economy. Acting on this resolution isn't the only step we need to take to reach that future, but it's a giant step and we need to take it now.” — Brandy Doyle, Campaign Manager, CREDO


“Bold works with family farmers and ranchers who confront climate change every single day implementing solutions ranging from biofuels to installing wind and solar. Fossil fuel corporations have abused eminent domain for their private gain hurting farms and increasing climate change. Rural communities are proud to be at the table to ensure the Green New Deal lifts up all of our families on the frontlines and we stand with other communities like Tribal Nations ready to provide solutions for the climate crisis facing our nation.” — Jane Kleeb, President, Bold Alliance


“If we are to reorient ourselves from this disastrous course fueled by greed, we must steward our country with brave, diverse voices. Our trajectory is not immobile, but inertia must be overcome. Renewable energy by and for employed people is what we can build, together. Food systems that feed people and not climate change must be a priority. As future ancestors, we back the Green New Deal ten-year plan for action today on climate, justice and for thriving communities that will set a course for generations to come.” — Janet MacGillivray, Executive Director, Seeding Sovereignty


“The Green New Deal offers a bold, new opportunity to build our nation’s infrastructure and tap American business innovation, while also addressing climate change and broadening economic prosperity. Investing in clean manufacturing, energy efficiency, renewable energy, quality water, transportation and agricultural systems will create more resilient communities, better jobs and a thriving economy.” —David Levine, President, American Sustainable Business Council

“Our society needs to turn dramatically and immediately towards the shared goals of environmental justice, broad-based prosperity and health. The Green New Deal is that turn. While fighting the ravages of climate change, the Green New Deal simultaneously creates a more just and prosperous country. It proves that we can build a system where all Americans benefit from clean air and water, good paying jobs and the infrastructure of a sustainable future. Every day that we delay the transition to a sustainable future is an act of injustice against the most vulnerable members of our society.” — Tom Steyer, President, NextGen America 


“It is incredibly refreshing to see Congress take more steps to address the climate crisis in the past 24 hours than over the past decade. The vision for a Green New Deal is a bold and necessary just-solution that we can rally behind in order to revitalize our communities with high-quality jobs, ensure everyone’s right to clean air and water and equity within the transition off fossil fuels, and protection of the planet for future generations. Our communities are already suffering from the devastating impacts of climate change and science gives us less than 12 years to prevent this crisis from spiraling beyond human control. While many Members of Congress and the President continue to ignore the realities of what is happening, the immense economic and health benefits, and moral obligation to confront the crisis, we are emboldened by the Green New Deal Resolution introduced today. Hip Hop Caucus is dedicated to building a movement big enough to achieve what is laid out in the Green New Deal Resolution and an end to our use of fossil fuels, including ensuring frontline communities are at the forefront of the process. We especially want to commend the actions of young people from across the country to demand our elected leaders put forward real solutions that can work for all.” — Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr., President and CEO, Hip Hop Caucus


Welcoming Statements

“We are excited and heartened to see this Green New Deal resolution introduced, laying out a bold, ambitious vision for how to address climate change in a principled, equitable and science-based manner. This announcement echoes calls from young people around the world for leaders to step up and take bold action because it is their future well-being that is at stake. It’s refreshing to see members of the House and Senate being guided by science. The Green New Deal resolution acknowledges off the bat the latest, landmark science that shines a light on the toll climate change has on people across the United States, with impacts occurring in every part of the country. A cornerstone of the resolution calls for transparent, inclusive policies so that historically marginalized communities, hit first and hardest by a changing climate and disproportionately burdened by the impacts of our fossil fuel dependence, are front and center in the process. The resolution’s focus on a rapid, massive near-term investment in equitable climate solutions is exactly what’s needed to accelerate the clean energy momentum already underway nationwide, ensure its health and economic benefits flow to all people, and ensure the U.S. is well on its way to contributing its fair share to meeting the long-term climate goals articulated in the Paris agreement. We’re reaching a tipping point on climate action. Reaching net-zero carbon emissions as quickly as possible is vital and it will require a sustained effort over the next decade and beyond. We look forward to working alongside a diverse group of business, labor, environmental justice, science, agriculture, youth and broadly-representative civil society groups and communities—to turn this resolution into actionable, bipartisan legislation.” — Kim Kimmell, President, Union of Concerned Scientists


“It is a breath of fresh air to see leaders in Congress discussing climate solutions that rise to the scale of the challenge. America must move as quickly as possible to a 100% clean energy economy to end climate pollution, create millions of high-quality American jobs, reduce inequality and poverty, and safeguard communities from climate damages and environmental hazards. NRDC strongly supports the Green New Deal goal to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas pollution, with social and economic justice at the core of the solution.” — Aliya Haq, Federal Policy Director, Climate & Clean Energy Program, Natural Resources Defense Council


“From his first days in office, President Donald Trump has stacked his administration with fossil fuel lobbyists, given taxpayer-funded handouts to coal and oil barons, silenced his own scientists, and alienated our closest allies by walking away from the Paris climate agreement. The new Congress and the Green New Deal resolution show us there is a better way. A Green New Deal can help America make the right investments to build a 100 percent clean energy economy, create good-paying union jobs, conserve our lands and waters, protect our children so that they are no longer breathing toxic air, and ensure that new energy technologies are invented and manufactured in America and are exported and used around the globe.” — John Podesta, Founder and Director, Center for American Progress


“Climate change is not a challenge for the distant future. From devastating hurricanes to record-breaking wildfires, millions of Americans are already suffering from its effects. America has a choice to make: We can come together to create high-quality jobs in the industries of the future, protect our communities from extreme weather and economic damage, and build a better and more equitable country for our children and grandchildren—or we can stick our heads in the sand. I welcome the ambition of today’s Green New Deal resolution and look forward to both chambers of Congress beginning a robust national debate on real policy solutions to the climate crisis.” — Neera Tanden, President and CEO, Center for American Progress


“The Green New Deal resolution — while still a blueprint — is the first ambitious proposal that we have seen from Congress that takes into account the scope and scale of the global climate challenge, and acknowledges its economic, social, and equity implications. The resolution will help to inform and shape the conversation around climate solutions that promote jobs and economic prosperity, while providing a foundation for lawmakers to build and raise their ambition on action. We expect that the ideas contained within the Green New Deal resolution will re-energize not only policymakers in Washington, and states and cities around the country, but also the investors and companies with whom we work, to find common ground on solutions to the greatest challenge of our time. Ceres has long advocated for a comprehensive bipartisan solution to climate change that includes market-based policies, such as a price on carbon pollution, and effective and efficient regulations.” — Mindy Lubber, CEO and President, CERES


“Clean Air Task Force applauds the introduction of the Green New Deal resolution announced by Senator Markey and Representative Ocasio-Cortez today, and its call to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Dramatic action is needed to reduce the enormous risk posed by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. Specifically, we support the inclusion of all zero-carbon energy solutions for the power sector.  The vast weight of studies, including the recent report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, have shown that a diverse portfolio of renewable, nuclear, and carbon capture and storage technologies provide the best shot at achieving deep decarbonization in a timely way at a manageable cost.  That is why the inclusion of every low-carbon technology in the Green New Deal is so important.” — Armond Cohen, Executive Director, Clean Air Task Force


“We applaud the efforts of Congress and its committees this week to find new ways to support achieving a carbon neutral future by 2030, which is critical to our global future. By investing in infrastructure, upgrading the existing building stock, and improving resilience in the built environment, we can make progress towards AIA’s 2030 Commitment goals. However, there’s a great deal of work that needs to be done. AIA encourages Congress to swiftly enact public policies today that will address the dire consequences we’re facing.” — William Bates, President, American Institute of Architects


“Climate change is the existential threat facing our country and the planet. Climate scientists have made abundantly clear that we need bold and ambitious action to get to net-zero emissions by 2050. The resolution introduced by Sen. Markey and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez takes a very important step toward that “0x50” goal. Although a fact sheet from one of the resolution's sponsors has created confusion, the text of the actual resolution makes it abundantly clear—we must embrace every zero-carbon resource available to eliminate climate pollution and dramatically increase our investment in clean energy innovation. Americans need good, private sector jobs—not just green jobs. In the energy sector, that should mean paying prevailing wages, using union workers, and providing the training, apprenticeships, and access to investments that create opportunities for all. Communities of color, regions historically reliant upon fossil fuels, rural Americans, and all vulnerable populations must have an opportunity to shape and benefit from these policies. Addressing climate change and getting to zero by 2050 is the calling of our time. Congress must now act promptly with hearings and legislation to determine how quickly we can achieve that goal, not just with electricity but also in transportation, industry, buildings, and every other part of our economy.” — Josh Freed, Senior Vice President, Third Way