Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Senator John F. Kerry, and Representative Edward J. Markey announced today that Boston Microsystems of Woburn will receive a grant of $1.9 million over 3 years from the Department of Homeland Security to study ways to improve baggage screening, and reduce the number of false alarms that lead to delays and long lines at airports.
Senator Kennedy said, “Air travel is essential to our modern society and economy, and it continues to be a prime target for terrorists.  Finding ways to keep air travel functioning smoothly and safely is vitally important, and I commend Boston Microsystems for spearheading the research to make this possible.”
"This well deserved funding will help researchers find ways to make air travel safer for all Americans," said Senator Kerry. "I commend DHS for providing a Massachusetts company with the resources to make it happen."
Rep. Ed Markey said, "Screening baggage and cargo before it is loaded onto passenger planes is critical to protecting our nation's flying public and it is great that Massachusetts company can help us make that happen."
"Boston MicroSystems welcomes the opportunity to continue supporting TSA," said Dr. Dan Button, CEO of Boston MicroSystems. "Together we are developing a next generation solution for trace detection of explosives. This funding will help BMS PicoSensor® technology sooner reach its potential to provide a more reliable and practical detection solution for an ever-growing array of threats."

September 27, 2006

CONTACT: Melissa Wagoner or
Keith Maley (Kennedy)