At 11 years old, Ali came from Guyana with his mother with $34 dollars in their pockets; now is CEO of Boston-based data protection company Carbonite


Boston (January 29, 2018) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) will bring Mohamad Ali, President and Chief Executive Officer of Carbonite, the Massachusetts-based data protection company, to the State of the Union. Ali grew up in Guyana and came to the United States with his mother when he was 11 years old with $34 dollars in their pockets. Since that time, Ali became a U.S. citizen, graduated with dual degrees, held leadership positions in technology companies, and now as CEO of Carbonite, serves as one of the digital economy’s strongest advocates for net neutrality.



“Mohamad Ali is the American Dream, coming to this nation as a child, and through hard work, rising to become the leader of a successful technology company,” said Senator Markey. “As a strong supporter of net neutrality, Mohamad recognizes the critical importance of a free and open internet for his company and its workers, and no one knows better that immigration is the lifeblood of the technology industry. He understands that America’s global competitive advantage comes from its openness to new people and new ideas, and his leadership on net neutrality is a model for the high-tech sector. I celebrate Mohamad’s story and success, and thank him for his commitment to diversity, job creation, and internet freedom.”



“We are one vote away in the Senate from overturning the FCC’s partisan decision to end its net neutrality rules,” continued Senator Markey. “I urge my Republicans colleagues to join the majority of Americans who support net neutrality and to co-sponsor my CRA resolution to reinstate the Open Internet Order.”



“I am honored to join Senator Markey as his guest at this year’s State of the Union address,” said Mohamad Ali, CEO and President at Carbonite. “Senator Markey has been a strong ally in the fight to protect net neutrality and I’m proud of the work we’ve done together to bring awareness to this important issue. Moving forward, I am eager to continue taking a stand for net neutrality in an effort to fuel healthy competition, innovation and job creation.”