Senator Markey Statement on Departure of Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick

Washington (January 07, 2015) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) today praised outgoing Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick for his eight years of exemplary service as Governor for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


“Deval Patrick has been a Massachusetts governor for the ages. Throughout his service to the Commonwealth, he has championed the breaking of barriers and building of bridges. From Springfield to Salem, Boston to the Berkshires, Governor Deval Patrick has touched the lives of countless Massachusetts families and made us an economic, social and cultural model for the nation.


“The fabric of today’s Massachusetts economy is sewn with the thread of innovation and Governor Patrick has been its finest tailor. Thanks to his administration’s efforts we have created thousands of clean energy jobs, invested in biotechnology, and made Massachusetts an incubator for entrepreneurs and inventors from around the world.


“Because of his leadership, Massachusetts’ students, teachers and schools have led the nation in education and our Commonwealth’s classrooms display the best practices that other states adopt. The air we breathe is cleaner, we are more prepared to battle the impacts of climate change, and our Commonwealth is first in the country in energy efficiency.


“As our progressive Pied Piper, Governor Patrick has been waving the flag for social justice for the last decade. He has heralded marriage equality, enacted commonsense gun control legislation, ensured access to affordable health care, and defended the rights of workers. Recently, he has shined a much-needed light on the heroin and prescription drug epidemic that is devastating too many Massachusetts communities and neighborhoods.


“On a personal level, I am very grateful for the support Governor Patrick has given me over the last eight years, and I am fortunate to call him my good friend. I wish him, his wife Diane, their daughters and their entire family all the best as they begin this next chapter of their lives.”