Boston (August 26, 2020) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) released the following statement on the death of Sergeant Elder Fernandes, of Brockton, Massachusetts, who was found last night more than a week after he was last seen outside of Fort Hood, Texas where he was stationed with the Army.


“I am heartbroken at this news, and I shared my condolences with the Fernandes family. Elder Fernandes was a patriot who chose to serve his country, but when he needed support, his country failed him. No parent or family should lose a son in this way. The Army did not uphold its obligation to keep Sergeant Fernandes safe. There must be an independent investigation into Sergeant Fernandes’s death so we can get a full accounting of what went so terribly wrong and hold accountable those who failed him. The Fernandes family deserves answers, and Sergeant Fernandes deserves justice. My prayers are with him and his family.”