Boston (May 21, 2021) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) released the following statement today reacting to the Biden administration’s reported $1.7 trillion counteroffer to the GOP’s $568 billion infrastructure proposal. The Biden administration’s “American Jobs Plan” aimed for $2.2 trillion in investments to create good union jobs, rebuild our country’s infrastructure, and address the climate crisis.

“A smaller infrastructure package means fewer jobs, less justice, less climate action, and less investment in America’s future,” said Senator Markey. “Despite President Biden’s efforts to engage with Republicans, they have shown no willingness whatsoever to negotiate in good faith with Democrats to confront the intersecting crises we face. We need to make the investments now to help our country and communities rebuild and recover, as well to ensure that we never return to the status quo that left too many Americans behind and created the worsening climate crisis. Now is the time to go big, to go bold, and to go fast. This is not the time for half-measures, half-spending or foot-dragging. Voters across party lines support President Biden’s vision and the American Job and Family Plans. Let’s not waste time trading the necessary scope and scale of this critical infrastructure package for Congressional Republican votes that have yet to and will never materialize.”