Washington (April 28, 2021) -- Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) released the following statement after media reported that the Biden administration plans to propose a ban on menthol cigarettes.
“For years, the science has been clear that menthol products are more addictive, harder to quit, and a gateway for young people to begin smoking. Worse, tobacco companies have long targeted advertising of menthol products to communities of color who already experience higher rates of asthma and heart disease. This predatory marketing is a racial justice issue, plain and simple. I applaud the FDA's decision to heed my calls and finally ban menthol cigarettes. After years of ignoring the obvious scientific data, we are finally acting on the side of public health and putting a stop to these deadly tobacco products."
This month, Senator Markey led 16 Senate colleagues in a letter calling on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to act on a pending citizens petition requesting a ban on menthol cigarettes and cigars. In 2018, Senator Markey also led a group of Senators in calling on the FDA to ban menthol cigarettes.