Washington (April 28, 2021) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) released the following statement after President Joseph R. Biden’s Address to the Joint Session of Congress.

“Tonight, we heard President Biden embrace a vision that recognizes the four interlocking crises our country must confront – economic inequality, racial injustice, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the climate crisis. President Biden knows this moment requires the kind of ambition, ingenuity, and justice that defines what we know as our American democracy.

“For America to take a leading role in the fight against global climate change, we must invest in American families here at home. For America to reestablish itself as a global leader in the face of authoritarianism, human rights and democracy must form the basis of our foreign policy. For the next technological breakthrough, every aspiring scientist must have the chance to achieve their maximum educational potential, regardless of where they grow up. For the workforce building the literal road to our recovery, every job in America must pay a living wage. For every child, clean air and water must be an inalienable right and indisputable reality. Our horizons must not be dictated by what can be done, but by what must be done. An horizon not defined by a state border or political party, but by the health of our people and planet.

“By leading on climate change, clean energy, healthy transportation, and environmental justice, we fight all our national enemies at once. We heard about President Biden’s intention to both lead the race for progress and to bring us together in a relay to the top. These intersecting crises demand a response as large, intersectional, and powerful as they are—that’s what we will fight for in order for everyone to be safe, be healthy, and thrive. We have much more work to do.”

Markey brought Michael Curry, President and CEO of the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers, as his virtual guest to highlight the American Rescue Plan’s (ARP) positive impact on Massachusetts. The American Rescue Plan provided an historic investment of $7.6 billion in community health centers. The Bay State’s 37 federally-funded health centers have already been awarded $147 million in flexible funding that will support COVID testing, vaccination, workforce, infrastructure, and community outreach.