Washington (November 7, 2017) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), a member of the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, released the following statement today celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. More than 95 million Americans watch their local Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) station every month, while nearly 29 million Americans listen to National Public Radio (NPR) programming and newscasts every week. CPB, with fairly modest federal investment, creates a national footprint of nearly 1,500 locally-owned and operated public television and public radio stations across the country.
“Fifty years ago, Congress established the Corporation for Public Broadcasting because they recognized that public radio and television broadcasting would be instrumental for providing access to culture, arts, and entertainment. That was true fifty years ago and it’s been true every day since. For five decades, the CPB has dedicated itself to safeguarding and promoting a true American treasure – our public broadcasting system. The CPB has worked to ensure that public television continues to provide educational, civic and entertainment experiences for all, regardless of ethnic, racial or socio-economic background. CPB doesn’t just stand for Corporation for Public Broadcasting, it also stands for Communities and Parents Benefit. And in part through its partnerships with Boston’s WGBH, the CPB has worked to bring the people of Massachusetts and the whole nation the very best in American programming.
“For fifty years, the CPB has nurtured and developed our public broadcasting system, which is truly the crown jewel of America’s media mix. I am excited for the next fifty years as the Corporation for Public Broadcasting continues to fulfill this mission in new and innovative ways.”