Queries VA Secretary Shulkin on training and supervision standards for health care workers throughout the VA

Washington (October 25, 2017) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) this week called for a swift investigation into the death of veteran William Nutter at the Bedford Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center after The Boston Globe reported deficiencies in care at the facility that may have directly led to his death. In his letter, Senator Markey called on the VA to rectify the systemic voids in leadership that may have exacerbated the substandard quality of care and inadequate living conditions experience by veterans at the VA. Senator Markey also specifically expresses concerns if the VA has and enforces adequate standards for the training and supervision of health care workers.
“Unsatisfactory care and unsafe conditions are an inexcusable transgression against our veterans,” writes Senator Markey in his letter to VA Secretary David Shulkin. “There must be robust training and supervision standards in place – and these standards must be enforced – to ensure those providing and assisting with the care of our veterans are appropriately trained and held accountable to the veterans they serve.”
A copy of Senator Markey’s letter can he found HERE.
In his letter, Senator Markey asks for responses to questions that include:

  • What guidance does the VA provide to hospitals to ensure nurses’ aides are adequately trained and capable of performing their patient care roles?
  • What guidance does the VA provide to hospitals to ensure that supervisors are adequately trained to oversee health care workers in patient care roles?
  • How does the federal VA interact with individual hospitals when there is evidence that inappropriate or inadequate care provided by a health care worker resulted in a harmful outcome to a patient?