Senator Markey Blasts FCC’s Pai Plan to Overturn Net Neutrality Rules

Senator Markey is author of the first net neutrality legislation introduced in the House of Representatives

Washington (April 7, 2017) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), a member of the Commerce Science and Transportation Committee today blasted preliminary plans announced by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai to overturn net neutrality rules. Two years ago, after hearing from nearly four million individuals and companies, the FCC adopted the Open Internet Order, rules that prevent internet service providers from blocking or discriminating against internet traffic. Since then, Republicans have stated their clear intention to weaken or roll-back net neutrality rules, putting big broadband companies and corporate interests ahead of consumers and competition.
“The only way to protect a free and open internet is with strong net neutrality rules of the road – not voluntary guidelines – that ensure businesses, innovators and families can use the world’s greatest platform for commerce and communications. Chairman Pai’s proposal would put the future of an open and free internet in the hands of big corporations and the powerful few at the expense of consumers.
“We have recognized for decades that the FCC has rightful authority over telecommunications services, and it has rightfully acted to ensure the principles of non-discrimination apply to the internet. In 2015, the FCC put strong net neutrality rules in place and the D.C. Circuit Court upheld those rules. Despite what Republicans and Chairman Pai claim, there is no net neutrality problem that needs fixing, either at the Commission or in Congress. Millions of Americans called on the FCC to adopt these strong protections, and opponents of net neutrality should expect an historic political firestorm should anyone at the FCC, in Congress or in the broadband industry attempt to weaken or eliminate the Open Internet Order.”