President Biden’s latest EO includes a new initiative aligned with lawmakers’ legislation to help consumers protect their connected-homes and devices from growing cyber threats
Washington (May 13, 2021) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Congressman Ted W. Lieu (CA-33) today praised the Biden administration’s creation of a new pilot program to “educate the public on the security capabilities of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices” through a consumer product labeling system. This new initiative was included in President Biden’s Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity and follows similar legislation – the Cyber Shield Act – previously introduced by Senator Markey and Congressman Lieu.
Like the lawmakers’ legislation, the President’s executive order instructs the Department of Commerce to develop cybersecurity benchmarks for IoT devices – such as baby monitors, home assistants, smart locks, cameras, cell phones, and laptops. IoT manufacturers can then certify that their products meet those cybersecurity benchmarks, and display this certification to the public with a label that will help consumers identify and purchase more secure technology for their homes.
“With as many as 75 billion IoT devices projected to be in our pockets and homes by 2025, cybersecurity continues to pose a direct threat to economic prosperity, personal privacy, and global security,” said Senator Markey. “Thankfully, the President understands these concerns and has created a new program that will help ensure IoT no longer stands for the ‘Internet of Threats.’ By creating a cybersecurity certification system akin to what we proposed in our Cyber Shield Act, President Biden’s executive order will give consumers a seal of approval for more secure products, as well as encourage manufacturers to adopt the best cybersecurity practices so they can compete in the marketplace for safety. I look forward to working with the administration to implement and build on this essential initiative.”
“I majored in computer science in college so I know the value of technological advancement. While we can celebrate the ways these new technologies have made life simpler and better, we can’t ignore that there are inherent risks to having more consumer goods connected to the internet,” said Representative Lieu. “I’m pleased that President Biden recognizes this and is interested in a program similar to what Sen. Markey and I have been championing for years. President Biden’s executive order mirrors our Cyber Shield Act by creating a consumer-friendly cybersecurity certification for consumer goods, and by providing an incentive for manufacturers to prioritize the cybersecurity of their products. I look forward to working with President Biden and Sen. Markey on this initiative. Everyone - except for malicious hackers - wins when we prioritize cybersecurity.” 
A copy of the Cyber Shield Act can be found HERE.
The Cyber Shield Act is endorsed by Public Citizen, the Massachusetts Tech Leadership Council, Rapid7, Cybereason, Internet Association, the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), and the Center for Democracy & Technology.