October 26, 2005- Nuclear Bunker Buster Goes Bust

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Edward J. Markey (D–MA) today welcomed the reported decision by the Bush Administration to finally abandon plans to develop a nuclear “bunker buster” bomb. As Co-Chair of the Nonproliferation Task Force, Markey has fought to stop the nuclear bunker buster since its inception, and recently organized a letter in opposition to this new weapon signed by 134 members of the House.

“If the U.S. wants to lead the world in ending the spread of nuclear weapons around the globe, it must stop building new nuclear weapons here at home. Under no circumstances should we be developing or testing new nuclear weapons -- we must practice what we preach,” Markey said. “The U.S. has not developed a new nuclear warhead since 1988 and has not conducted a nuclear test since 1992. President Bush’s dalliance with a dangerous new nuclear spiral has undermined our credibility and authority around the globe. When the White House says ‘we’re stopping’, I say “it’s about time.’”

In 2002, when the Bush Administration first announced its plans to develop a nuclear bunker buster, Markey has fought the plan. Every year his amendment received got more votes of support until finally in 2004 all funding for the nuclear bunker buster was taken out of the House Appropriations Bill. Today’s decision by the White House confirms that it will not be re-started in the FY2006 appropriations.

October 26, 2005
 CONTACT: Tara McGuinness