Decision could have severe economic impact on the region

WASHINGTON, D.C. –The Massachusetts Congressional delegation, led by Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), today sent a letter to US Airways urging the company to reconsider its decision to close its Boston regional hub.

The lawmakers sent the letter to US Airways Group, Inc. CEO Douglas Parker after the company announced last month it would close its Boston domicile, a decision which could result in the loss of 400 jobs and decreased services people travelling in and out of Logan Airport. The 400 jobs that could potentially be lost or relocated would include flight attendants, support staff, and 145 pilot positions.

If US Airways follows through on its decision to close its Boston hub, it could shut down as soon as May 2010.

The decision would also severely affect travelers in and out of Logan Airport, as US Airways flights out of Boston will be serviced by a less experienced crew and the Airbus aircraft that currently service Logan Airport will be replaced by Embraer-190 aircraft, which potentially do not have the capabilities and reliability of the Airbus. The cost of reduced operational integrity and comfort to passengers is a matter of concern to all consumers.

We simply cannot let these good paying jobs fly away,” said Rep. Markey. “I urge USAIR to reconsider this short-sighted decision to close its Logan Hub.”

This decision could cause additional travel headaches for already overburdened travelers. It is critically important that USAIR keep its Boston regional hub and protect desperately needed jobs,” said Rep. Markey.

Closing the Boston hub could hurt thousands of travelers, with a potential ripple effect through airports nationwide, and the needless loss of hundreds of jobs. I strongly urge USAIR to reconsider its decision and keep the Boston hub up and running both now and down the road,” said Senator John Kerry.

"I met with leaders from the USAIR Pilots Union and Flight Attendants Union in my office Monday. Obviously requiring Boston-based flight crews to report to Philadelphia is hugely disruptive to these workers and their families and dropping Boston as a priority destination will obstruct the flow of ongoing and prospective business to our region. It is a major concern, especially in this economy, and I have asked to have our Congressional Delegation meet with Massport and USAIR Management to see if we can find a solution," Congressman Stephen F. Lynch said.


I would hope that USAIR would reconsider this decision.  Closure of the Logan Hub would mean lost jobs and could potentially disrupt our constituents’ travel plans,” said Rep. James McGovern.

USAIR’s decision makes no sense,” said Rep. Mike Capuano. “If they were to take the time to reconsider their position, I think they would find that keeping their Boston domicile open would make them a much stronger airline in the long run.”

 A full copy of the delegation letter can be found here: