Washington (September 26, 2023) – Senators Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) released the following statement today after Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced plans to reinstate net neutrality rules and reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act:

“Broadband is not a luxury. It is an essential utility and it is imperative that the FCC’s authority reflects the necessary nature of the internet in Americans’ lives today. We need net neutrality so that small businesses are not shoved into online slow-lanes, so that powerful social media companies cannot stifle competition, and so that users can always freely speak their minds on social media and advocate for the issues that are most important to them. We applaud Chairwoman Rosenworcel for her leadership and look forward to working with the FCC to ensure a just broadband future for everyone.”

Yesterday, Senators Markey and Wyden led 25 of their Senate colleagues in a letter to Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel of the FCC to expeditiously reclassify broadband as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act and restore net neutrality protections.

Senators Markey, Wyden, and Congresswoman Doris Matsui (CA-07) previously introduced the Net Neutrality and Broadband Justice Act, legislation that would accurately classify broadband internet access as a telecommunications service under Title II of the Communications Act, giving the FCC the appropriate authority to reinstate net neutrality protections. In 2006, Senators Markey and Wyden introduced the first neutrality bills in the House of Representatives and Senate, respectively.