Markey Statement on Nuclear Option Vote

Contact: Giselle Barry (Markey) 2022242742

Washington (November 21, 2013) - Senator Edward J. Markey (DMass.) released the following statement after voting for the socalled "nuclear option" on nominees. 


"Today, I voted to end the Republicans' unprecedented and unwarranted obstruction on the Senate floor. Senate Republicans have repeatedly blocked President Obama's executive and judicial nominees, even in cases where they declare to have no stated issue with the individual nominees' qualifications. This obstructionism by Tea Party Republican extremists - the same people who shut down the federal government just a month ago - needs to be brought to an end. 


"Senate Republicans are seeking to prevent President Obama from exercising his constitutional duty to fill the federal courts and his administration. Rather than objecting to a particular judge's qualifications, Republicans are objecting simply to anyone being confirmed to the DC Circuit - the court that reviews most federal rules and regulation. If the GOP was actually committed to progress and bipartisanship, there would be no need for filibuster reform. Unfortunately, Senate Republicans have turned the filibuster into a tool to paralyze, not persuade. That's unacceptable.


"We have an obligation to the American people and the Constitution to ensure that the DC Circuit court, our judiciary, and our entire government is not crippled by judicial vacancies. I hope that we can come together and pass legislation and confirm nominees for the good of the American people and our nation."