Washington (February 27, 2015) – Senator Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) released the following statement after the House of Representatives failed to pass a short-term continuing resolution to prevent the shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) at midnight tonight, when its funding runs out. Senator Markey spoke on the Senate floor earlier this week criticizing Congressional Republicans for holding the DHS budget hostage in an effort to block President Obama’s executive order on immigration.


“It is unconscionable that Speaker Boehner and House Republican leadership are threatening a government shutdown of the very department that protects American families from actual threats to our safety and national security. Instead of putting forward the Senate-passed funding bill for a vote, House Republicans would rather ask the people who protect our nation and our neighborhoods work without pay. They would rather ask the people of Massachusetts to wait even longer for critical FEMA disaster relief. They would rather trample the aspirations of DREAMERs than respond to the threats of ISIL.


“I call on Speaker Boehner and House Republican leadership to put the Senate-passed bill on the House floor for a vote immediately.”