March 8, 2005- Statement on the Nomination of John Bolton to the UN

“Selecting John Bolton to be the ambassador to the United Nations is a snub to the rest of the world which we will live to regret. It is difficult to imagine that the man who once said, “There is no such thing as the United Nations,” will now be the US ambassador to the very body that he has made a career of mocking and undermining. The US desperately needs to repair relationships with our allies around the world, and the tasks ahead of the international community are daunting: addressing nuclear proliferation, fostering
peace in the Middle East and developing coordinated Tsunami relief strategies and cannot be tackled with the ‘my way or the highway’ approach that John Bolton has demonstrated over the years. I am disappointed that this Administration has taken no lessons from the mistakes of a ‘go it alone’ strategy in world affairs. Ultimately, it is Americans who pay the price for this reckless approach of isolating America.”