March 4, 2005- Recent Developments in ChoicePoint ID Theft Scandal

Rep. Markey:  “Over the years ChoicePoint has learned a lot about the private lives of millions of American citizens. Now, Americans are beginning to learn a whole lot more about ChoicePoint, and they do not like what they’re discovering. It is time that ChoicePoint took some steps to secure the personal information of millions of Americans, unfortunately this recent development is a day late and a dollar short. This is just the beginning of the fight to make sure that the personal information: tax records, financial history, medical records and work histories are not sold and misused. This week I launched legislation to develop Federal Trade Commission regulations and oversight for companies like ChoicePoint. The bill would also see that consumers have access to information about their own personal files and create penalties for those who profit from information theft.”


March 4, 2005
 CONTACT: Tara McGuinness