January 3, 2006- Cosponsor H.Con. Res. 318, a Resolution to Discourage Nuclear Cooperation with India

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January 3, 2006

Dear Colleague:

We believe that strengthened ties between the United States and India through expanded cooperation in trade and human development, scientific and medical research, energy technology, humanitarian relief, military-to-military contacts, and the struggle against global terrorism would benefit both countries.  But we also believe that such cooperation should not come at the expense of America’s interest in halting the further spread of nuclear weapons.

India has refused to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.  It refuses to accept full-scope International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) safeguards over all of its nuclear facilities.  It has detonated a nuclear explosive device.  It is reportedly continuing to produce fissile materials for its growing nuclear arsenal.  As a result, India does not qualify for full civil nuclear cooperation under existing U.S. law.

We believe that Congress needs to send a signal to both the Administration and to India that there should not be special waivers or exemptions from our nation’s nuclear nonproliferation laws.  We have therefore introduced a Resolution (H.Con.Res. 318) which:

• Supports strengthened ties between the U.S. and India;
• Emphasizes the common interest both nations have in reducing the dangers posed by nuclear weapons;
• Supports efforts by the current Nuclear Suppliers Group guidelines regarding application of full-scope safeguards and President Bush’s proposal to make the 1997 Model Additional Protocol a condition for supply of nuclear materials and dual-use technology to non-nuclear weapons states;
• Finds that the cessation of the production of fissile materials for weapons purposes would enhance the security of the U.S. and the world;
• Expresses concern that the supply of nuclear fuel to India could result in the availability of existing Indian fissile material (and production capabilities) for weapons purposes;
• Finds that the proposal for full civil nuclear cooperation between the U.S. and India poses far-reaching and potentially adverse implications for the nuclear nonproliferation objectives of the U.S. and promises to do little in the long-term to bring India into closer alignment with other strategic objectives of the United States;
• Reiterates its disapproval of any proposal for nuclear cooperation that would result in exports or transfers of nuclear technology or materials to any country that is not a party to the NPT and has not accepted full-scope IAEA safeguards.

We urge you to carefully consider the negative security impacts that may result from weakening U.S. nonproliferation law in order to facilitate U.S.-Indian nuclear cooperation.  Please contact Nicole Gasparini or Jeff Duncan (Rep. Markey) at x52836 or Debra Marshall (Rep. Upton) if you would like to cosponsor our resolution.


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Edward J. Markey       Fred Upton

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