January 3, 2005- Rep. Markey Statement on the Death of Congressman Bob Matsui

January 3, 2005

Bob Matsui was one of the smartest and most visionary Members ever to serve our country in the United States Congress. He had a vision of how technology and trade would transform our world that was unmatched by any other Member. Bob and I were friends since his first day in Congress 26 years ago, and he impressed everyone with his intelligence, his determination and his unwavering dedication to the needs of the American people. He followed his own moral compass, which always pointed him in the most principled, moral direction. Bob was politically fearless and worked diligently to advance the best interests of our country. My thoughts and prayers are with Bob’s wonderful wife Doris and his loving family. Bob will be deeply missed, and he also will be remembered for his integrity and his lasting legislative achievements.