WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA) released the following statement today regarding the situation in Gaza:


Instead of laying the foundation for an independent state following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza more than three years ago, Hamas turned Gaza into a launch pad for rockets targeting Israeli civilians. Israel has the right and obligation to protect its citizens from the thousands of rockets that have rained down on its cities and towns since Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza in 2005. These rocket attacks must stop. Hamas is not only indiscriminately firing rockets at Israeli civilians; it is also damaging the future for all Palestinians who seek a normal life for themselves and their families. Peace will only result from a process of engagement and negotiation, not from volleys of rockets. The loss of innocent life on both sides is deeply saddening. Clearly, the United States must forcefully engage to restart the peace process so that the dream of two states living side by side in peace finally can be made a reality.” 


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