State of the Union Speech Signals More of the Same from Bush, But America Deserves Better

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Edward J. Markey (D-MA), responded this evening to President Bush’s final State of the Union speech:

"Tonight, the president essentially told Americans, ‘read my lips, no new ideas.' Despite the multiple challenges facing our country, from the economy to fighting global warming and ending the war in Iraq, tonight the President trotted out the same old tired rhetoric and failed policy ideas. The president  may have one foot out the door, but for the sake of the American people, he needs to grasp this last year as a chance to create a positive legacy.

"While the President made it clear that it will be up to his successors to bring an end to the ill-conceived in Iraq, I believe that there are some opportunities to move the nation in a new direction domestically. The president took an important step last year by signing the groundbreaking energy bill, which included the first increase of fuel economy standards in more than thirty years and a critical cut in U.S. global warming emissions.

"Too often, President Bush has used positive rhetoric to mask the reality that on his watch, the United States has undermined, not reinforced, the international effort to cap the emissions of heat-trapping gases that endanger the planet. In his short-sighted concession to ignore real solutions to global warming in favor of expediency and special interests, he is risking the fate of the world. History is not likely to judge this legacy kindly.

"But we in the Congress intend to give this president opportunities in his final year to reverse his pattern of negligence when it comes to global warming and be part of kick-starting a green revolution in our country. The president asked Congress to ‘cooperate for results' tonight - I hope he will follow his own advice."


January 28, 2008

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