December 8, 2005- House Floor Statement on H.R. 4297 "Tax Relief Extension Reconciliation of 2005"

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in strong opposition to this nearly $56 billion Republican Tax Cut Giveaway for Millionaires.

45% of this Republican tax bill will go to the ultra-rich. The top 1% of Americans who are millionaires will get $32,000 extra dollars a year from this bill. The average American family will get about $7.00.


And you know how the Republicans are paying for this?

$50 billion will come from cutting poor and middle class programs like:
• student loans
• Medicaid and
• Food stamps

$6 billion will come from increasing the deficit. 

This reminds me of the old story about the Priest who stands up in the Church on Sunday and announces the schedule of events for the weeks, saying:

“On Thursday, Father O’Brien will deliver a lecture in the Church hall on the Evils of Gambling.
“On Friday in the Church hall…BINGO.”

Last month, we heard the House Republicans lecture on the House Floor on the evils of deficit spending and the need to cut Medicaid, student loans, food stamps to reduce the deficit..

Today on the House floor….BINGO!!!!!

And in this game of Republican Budget Bingo, every Millionaire’s a winner!!!!

This bill is great deal for millionaires, but it’s bad deal for the average American family. 

America can do better.