WASHINGTON, DC- Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-MA) today released a letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and made the following statement on the follow up efforts of the Public Safety Committee regarding the fatal amusement ride accident in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts.

“I applaud Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Gatzunis for his efforts to push for changes in the amusement ride industry. The Public Safety Committee is proposing important initial steps to improve the maintenance and inspection procedures of amusement rides. I want to ensure that these proposals are both effective and enforceable, so that no one loses his life again on a ride in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

Representative Markey sent the following letter to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requesting the results of the CPSC’s investigation of the Shrewsbury incident and copies of any notices or recommendations the CPSC may have sent out to other owners of the ride in other states based on that investigation.

Rep. Markey Letter to CPSC, February 23, 2005iss_amusement_ltr050223.pdf iss_amusement_ltr050223.pdf (417.95 KB)

February 23, 2005
 CONTACT: David Moulton