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Hearings and Publications

Hearings and Publications

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The Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming addressed our nation's energy, economic and national security challenges during the 110th and 111th Congresses.

This is an archived version of the committee's website, where the public, students and the media can continue to access and learn from our work.

Renewing America's Future: Energy Visions of Tomorrow, Today

Gore Initiative CEO, “Father of Plug-In Hybrids”, Clean Energy Technology Experts Lay Out Transition to Clean Energy Age

For decades, consumers have been teased with fantastical visions of the future. From the “kitchen of tomorrow” to flying cars, predicting the technological wonders ahead is as American as apple pie made by an automated oven. With gas prices soaring and climate concerns growing, America and the planet don’t have the option to keep the future of energy wrapped within magazine pages or celluloid reels. And the good news about clean energy is that the future is already here.

On Thursday, Chairman Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.) and the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming will peer into the possibilities of current technologies flourishing into a new clean energy age, and what America and the world must do to advance this era. The CEO of Vice President Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection will discuss his ambitious proposal to be carbon-free within a decade, and the “father of plug-in hybrids” and experts in superconductors and other important technologies will offer expertise on current and future technologies that can break our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels, create jobs, save money and save our planet from global warming.

WHAT: Select Committee hearing: “Renewing America’s Future: Energy Visions of Tomorrow, Today.”

OPENING STATEMENT: Chairman Edward J. Markey

Ms. Cathy Zoi, Chief Executive Officer, Alliance for Climate Protection
Dr. Andrew Frank, Professor, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, University of California at Davis
Gregory Yurek, Ph.D, Founder, Chairman, and CEO, American Superconductor Corporation
Aristides A. N. Patrinos, Ph.D, President, Synthetic Genomics
Steven Lockard, CEO, TPI Composites

WHEN: 1:30 PM, Thursday, July 31, 2008

WHERE: 2325 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC

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Chairman Markey's first Question and Answer period

Chairman Markey's Second Question and Answer period


Markey with Witnesses

Witnesses and Committee


Dr. Patrinos

Dr. Yurek

Ms. Zoi

Mr. Lockard

Markey with Witnesses

Dr. Frank and Dr. Patrinos



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