6.12.09   â€˘   Focus: Jobs News from Coast to Coast

DAILY HERALD [Editorial]: Consider climate bill despite costs

"The idea [of climate legislation], of course, is we'll avoid polluting, use better energy sources, be better stewards to avoid the higher cost.

Opponents worry that means costs will rise. Supporters admit that's the case. But they say we'll use less energy, meaning the bottom line will be lower. They also note that the bill includes a number of cost containment measures to limit the impact.

Taking this action to improve our environment will cost, no question. But inaction will undoubtedly cost far more."

FAYETTEVILLE OBSERVER: Green energy economy is growing, and fast

PACIFIC BUSINESS NEWS: Hawaii's clean-energy jobs outpace total growth

NEW HAMPSHIRE BUSINESS REVIEW: N.H. clean-energy economy grows jobs

DETROIT FREE PRESS: Michigan is No. 10 in clean energy jobs

REUTERS: U.S. green economy needs plan to hit potential: study

FAST COMPANY: A Clean Energy Economy Generates Job Growth

AP: Study: Clean energy will stimulate Calif. economy

LA TIMES: California leading growth in nation's green jobs economy, study finds

ST. PAUL PIONEER PRESS: State's green firms get the green

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH: New report says "green" jobs outpacing others in Missouri

THE OREGONIAN: Green jobs grew seven times faster than overall jobs in Oregon, study finds

REUTERS: 1-LG Chem to invest $794 mln in new car batteries in Korea

CNN: GM's 'reinvention' starts with $25 million battery lab

CAP'S WONK ROOM: GOP American Energy Act: Impact Of Global Warming 'Shall Not Be Considered For Any Purpose'

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