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April 2017
Senators Markey & Hatch Reintroduce Bipartisan Legislation to Protect Student Privacy
Senator Markey Leads Senators in Legislation to Fully Restore Broadband Privacy Protections
Markey Leads Senators in Query of Major Broadband Providers About Privacy Rules
March 2017
Senate Democrats to President Trump: Veto Misguided Resolution That Eliminates Privacy Rules Designed to Protect Americans’ Most Sensitive Personal Information Stored on Computers or Phones – Such As Social Security Numbers, Browser History, And Precise Geo-Location – From Being Sold Without Their Knowledge or Consent
Senator Markey to Introduce Legislation to Reinstate Broadband Privacy Protections in the Wake of GOP Roll-back
Senator Markey Blasts GOP Roll-back of Broadband Privacy Protections
Senator Markey and Blumenthal Reintroduce Legislation to Improve Cybersecurity of Vehicles and Airplanes
Senator Markey & Rep. Welch Introduce Legislation to Ensure Transparency, Privacy for Drone Use
Senators Markey, Lee Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Protect Americans from Unwanted Robocalls and Texts
Senator Markey on Resolution Rescinding Broadband Privacy Rules: A Republican Giveaway to Big Broadband Barons
February 2017
Senators Markey, Blumenthal, Warren and Franken Call on FCC to Protect Broadband Privacy Rules
Markey Leads Senators in Demanding Answers on Trump Executive Order That Strips Immigrants of Privacy Act Protections
December 2016
Sen. Markey Queries Toymakers: How Do You Protect Children’s Information?
November 2016
Senators Lead Call to Protect the Open Internet and Address Harmful Zero-Rating Plans
October 2016
Markey Praises FCC Effort to Establish Broadband Privacy Rules
August 2016
Markey Applauds FCC Restrictions on Robocalls and Robotexts for Federal Debt Collectors
Markey and Blumenthal Call on the FCC to Help Improve Vehicle Cybersecurity and Privacy Protections
Senator Markey Calls for Additional Privacy Safeguards in White House Announcement on Drones
July 2016
Markey on FAA Reauthorization Bill: A ‘Missed Opportunity’ on Protecting Privacy
March 2016
Markey Statement on FCC Broadband Privacy Rulemaking
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