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August 2017
Senator Markey Leads Call for Ban on Menthol Cigarettes
Senate Dems Demand Answers from Trump Admin Following Repeated Actions to Undermine, Sow Confusion Around Anti-Discrimination Protections in Health Care
July 2017
Boston Globe: Ed Markey hopes vote will ‘signal a new era’ in collaboration
Senator Markey Votes NO on Motion to Proceed to Debate Trumpcare
Senator Markey Joins Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Services Provider and Advocate in Blasting Medicaid Cuts and So-Called Opioid “Fund” in Newest GOP Health Care Bill
June 2017
“Without Medicaid, I Would Be Dead” Says Opioid Treatment Patient at Senator Markey Press Conference on Senate GOP Health Care Legislation
Senator Markey Demands Apology from Kellyanne Conway for Outrageous Comment on Opioid Addiction Treatment
Senator Markey Joined by Hospital and Health Care Leaders and Advocates to Oppose Devastating Trumpcare Proposal, Repeal of Affordable Care Act
As Republicans Attempt To Jam Secret Trumpcare Bill Through Senate Without Hearings, Senate Dems Announce the “No Hearing, No Vote Act” To Require All Fast-Tracked Reconciliation Bills Be Subject To A Committee Hearing Before A Final Senate Vote
May 2017
Senator Markey on Trumpcare 2.0: Destroying Health and Concentrating Wealth
Senator Markey on Trump Budget: It Punishes Need and Rewards Greed
Senator Markey Blasts Trump for Causing Chaos and Uncertainty with Delay of Health Care Subsidies
March 2017
On Anniversary of ACA, Members of Massachusetts Delegation Issue 180-Page Report Sharing Stories of Its Positive Effects for Health Care in the Commonwealth
Markey: Let’s Commemorate 7th Anniversary of Obamacare by Defeating Trumpcare
Markey, Democratic Senators Call TrumpCare Disastrous for Battle Against Opioid Crisis
Senator Markey Releases Analysis on Impacts of Trump Budget on Massachusetts
Senator Markey Cites Concerns Over Opioid Crisis, Need to Reform FDA in Opposition to Nominee Scott Gottlieb
Senators Markey, Portman, Bennet and Cornyn Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Make Innovative Home-based Primary Care Medicare Program Permanent
Senators Call On Mitch McConnell to Drop Republican Efforts to Gut Family Planning Centers
January 2017
Markey: Repealing Obamacare Is Repealing Hope For Millions Suffering from Opioid Addiction
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