What's Happening in the Senate

This page will keep you updated on Senator Markey's voting record and Senate legislative proceedings.  For more information on the legislative process click here.  

Date Vote Question and Description Position Result
12/13/18 On the Amendment S.Amdt. 4080 to S.J.Res. 54 (No short title on file)
Yea Amendment Agreed to (58-41)
12/12/18 On the Point of Order S.J.Res. 54
Yea Point of Order Well Taken (96-3)
12/12/18 On the Motion to Proceed S.J.Res. 54
Yea Motion to Proceed Agreed to (60-39)
12/12/18 On the Joint Resolution S.J.Res. 64
Yea Joint Resolution Passed (50-49)
12/11/18 On the Conference Report H.R. 2
Yea Conference Report Agreed to (87-13)
12/11/18 On the Nomination PN2117
Nay Nomination Confirmed (50-50, Vice President voted Yea)
12/11/18 On the Nomination PN1803
Nay Nomination Confirmed (55-44)
12/10/18 On the Cloture Motion PN1803
Nay Cloture Motion Agreed to (55-43)
12/06/18 On the Nomination PN2170
Nay Nomination Confirmed (50-49)
12/06/18 On the Nomination PN2556
Nay Nomination Confirmed (50-49)
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